Sooo…That was your little peek into the future!

Jimbo_Peeking  tumblr_m7aamqKBV81rskeexo1_250

There have been many new inventions. Such as smart glasses such as google glasses and also smart glasses that may help the blind see. We also have smart contact lens, smart suitcases. Basically everything might be turned into something smart. 

Google-Glass-and-Emerging-Optical-Technology  The-hop

As computational intelligence techniques keep on improving, becoming more accurate and faster. Humans doing tedious automated tasks have already become replaced. with this being said I see no reason why this trend will not continue.


But with all this intelligent technologies doing work for us what are humans going to do? Will we humans be useless? since we have these new technologies to help us do almost all our work. SO is this a good thing or a bad thing? well, only time can tell I guess.


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