It’s surprising how well the internet goes together with politics.


In general internet on politics has enabled people to connect with others and thus result to increase the influence of extreme views in the political debate. It has also contributed to the exposure of a diverse range of views of most internet users. It plays a large role in governance, campaigns and activism. What I am trying to say is, social and digital media are changing politics.


Social Media also offers the rare example of a marketing strategy on which politics isn’t twenty years behind. Candidates and elected officials have been quick to adopt and leverage social media to engage and educate voters. For example, Barack Obama had dozens of social network profiles, for example : Facebook and BlackPlanet. And, President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and 2012 campaigns showed, an online army can be a powerful source of funds.


However, not everyone is Barack Obama. He was the once-in-a-generation-type candidate who had the type of celebrity appeal that made people excited to actually be his friend and network online with him.





OK! BACK TO THE TOPIC! *sorry, I get distracted very easily*

its-so-fluffy-i-m-going-to-die-o giphy-3


Politicians uses social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , and Flick. I like to call these networks the Big Four. They’re the fastest growing and farthest reaching of social networks; also, they represent four distinct ways of publishing to and connecting with voters.

  • Facebook is comprehensive and allows you to post pictures, add videos, send detailed mass messages, publicly interact on Walls, and more.
  • Twitter excels in short message bursts, event updates, blog post pushes, and breaking news. It allows a campaign to instantly send a succinct message to 1000’s of followers and also lets the campaign interact with other people in a one-on-one manner.
  • YouTube is purely a video medium. However, its reach cannot be underestimated. The service’s search engine is second in use only to Google! This staggering number of searches makes it essential to own your candidate’s name for search on this platform.
  • Flick should be used to publish campaign photos. With more than 4 billion images and over 30 million monthly visitors, it’s an important place to be and exposes your campaign to an important network.

As you can see, each network is totally unique and allows you to connect with a huge audience. Voters would expect every campaign to be on these media. These media helps connect the politicians to their voters in a more personal level. This helps greatly when it comes to the election day.


 OH! Here’s a little something extra for you lovelies!




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