A.I. ? AYE

AI Artificial Intelligence. In other words, JARVIS.


Yeap! The OH so amazing ‘butler’ of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist we all know as Tony Stark or Iron man. 


In iron man universe (the movie one), Jarvis is Tony Stark’s personal AI assistant, the invention behind his lab, his life and even his suit. And the cool thing is, it’s entirely voice controlled. Sentences, even complete conversations, are carried out by Stark with Jarvis, and the AI doesn’t miss a beat. To see a system as comprehensive as that is impressive, but we’re not quite there just yet.


What we have as of now that is somewhat similar to jarvis is SIRI and well kinect. HAHA. I know, I know, It’s kinda sad.


But hey! Technology is always advancing, and as we speak new ideas are technology are being built. 

During the next decade we’re going to see smarts put into everything! Smart homes, smart cars, smart health, smart robots, smart science, smart crowds and smart computer-human interactions. *WELL DOESN’T THAT SOUND FAMILIAR**WINK WINK*


Lets just hope that when the day comes where we have such advance technology we don’t make a fools of ourselves trying to use and control such vast and intelligent technologies. Let’s hope we’ll look more like this..


And less like this…


And lets hope we don’t end up like Project Alice from Resident Evil… *SHIVERS*



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